Theme: Shepherding – Refocusing our Purpose

Like most pastors, you have likely found yourself crazy busy.  You finished off 2017 strong, and started 2018 with a punch.  Your expectations and goals have been set, but perhaps the expectations of others have been made known- demanding your time and immediate attention. Your calendar is mostly filled up for the year.  The projects to be done are daunting and overwhelming.

But for you, a shepherd,

your heart yearns for the people around you. 

How do you maintain your focus?

Make it a priority to connect with other pastors who feel the same way.  At Worship Connect you will get your ministry battery recharged and develop a fresh excitement for ministry.  You will be blessed with fellowship and encouragement.   Together we want to be proficient in ministry as shepherds.


Join Us!

May our Lord Jesus

  • Draw near as we draw near to Him with praise and thanksgiving
  • Give us joy as we depend upon His grace
  • Correct, warn, and guide our confessing to-gether with grace
  • Set our mind upon and help us seek those things from above
  • Humble us, for the poor inherit the earth
  • Promote love, honor, like-mindedness and humility in our ministry teams plans and actions
  • Pierce us with His Word as we learn from Him
  • Send us forth in power with His gospel